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Stop these habits now!​​

* Cigarettes

* Chewing Tobacco

* Cigars

* Cloves

* Pipes

* E-Cigarettes

* Vaping

Stop Smoking without:
* Withdrawal
* Anxiety
* Irritability
* Weight Gain
* Willpower

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Save your health, your time and your money!

* Add years to your life and prevent smoking-related illnesses

* Stop coughing and hacking almost immediately

* Save thousands of dollars yearly

* Stop being a slave to your smoking habit

* Smell better, feel better, improve your exercise workouts

* No more embarrassment, hiding or social rejection
With over 21 years in private practice, I have helped thousands of people quit smoking.  In fact, smokers are among my best source of referrals. That’s how well it works.

In just two or three sessions, you can expect to be an non-smoker. Often without irritability or cravings. Weight gain. Or all the struggle and agony of trying to quit.

Suddenly, you just won’t want a cigarette anymore. For many, it is as if they never smoked. Some report that they actually forgot about cigarettes. And many find it easy to ignore cigarettes even when they are with other smokers.

My program is based upon over 21 years of experience in discovering what methods and techniques are the most effective for helping smokers quit. I incorporate powerful techniques for fast, permanent results. So why continue to do things the hard way?

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. 

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How Many Sessions Does it Take to Quit Smoking?
Quitting smoking is a process that requires preparation and step by step adherence to a plan. You must feel very strongly that you are ready to quit before you commit. The number of sessions varies with each individual. An initial phone interview will help determine what would be most effective. Depending on how motivated you are to quit, strength and number of cigarettes you are currently smoking, age you started smoking, and other factors, it could take between one to four sessions to become an ex-smoker.

What is a Quit Smoking Session Like?
We begin by evaluating your smoking behavior. Next we outline a specific plan to keep you permanently smoke free. After testing your suggestibility, I hypnotize you. Finally, we review your plan. You leave with a fresh start as a non-smoker.

How Will Hypnosis Help Me?
During hypnosis we reinforce your motivation and desire to become and remain smoke free. Situations that are associated with your smoking habit, referred to as “triggers” are desensitized. We replace smoking with a positive coping mechanism, referred to as an “anchor.” Your self-image, commitment, and determination are strengthened. Your subconscious mind is behind 80% of your behavior. Imagine the power, when your subconscious and conscious minds are working together!

What is your success rate?
Smoking is one of the easiest issues to correct using hypnosis.  While many people do quit after one or two sessions, three sessions are highly recommended for continued, long-term success. Many doctors are now referring their patients to me for help in this area, based upon their patients success with my program. 

How many sessions will I need?
Generally, I recommend two sessions spaced a week apart to end this habit permanently. While it’s true that some people can quit in one session, two sessions can help to prevent relapses and the thought that “I can have just one,” which all too frequently leads to a full-blown addiction again. Two or three sessions may also be helpful to prevent weight gain.

During the first session, we can knock out about 75% to 80% of the habit. After exploring your reasons for smoking, your specific triggers, why you want to quit, we’ll do a session based on your needs, beliefs, thoughts and triggers. You will receive a complimentary CD recording of each session that you can use between our sessions. This helps to reinforce the suggestions and maintain the positive results.

During the second session, we discuss what happened and go from there. For instance, after your first session you may find that you didn’t have a cigarette all week until you went out drinking with your friends, and then you had a smoke. Or you may not have smoked at all and feel like you quit for good, but may be a bit cranky or find that you’re eating more.

But for most people, two sessions is sufficient. However, if you have smoked for 25 or more years, are a heavy smoker or suspect that you have some resistance to quitting, you may want to invest in the 3-session package.

What makes your program so effective?

I do a thorough review of your smoking history, triggers, beliefs and thoughts associated with the habit, as well as exploring the reasons why you might smoke, such as stress, using cigarettes to relax, to comfort or reward yourself, and so on. Then I’ll use that information to craft a powerful session customized specifically for you. I use a combination of positive countering suggestions, mental imagery and powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to help you break this habit for good.

You’ll substitute a positive habit for cigarettes, break any positive associations you have with smoking, strengthen your belief in your power to quit, see yourself as an ex-smoker for life, and be given suggestions to “stay away from that first cigarette” and much more.

How does hypnosis compare to other methods like the patch or gum?
The American Lung Association states that smoking is both a psychological habit and a physical addiction.  The nicotine patch and gum  address the physiological addiction to nicotine, but do nothing to address the underlying psychological reasons why people smoke. Hypnosis is the only tool which directly reaches deep into the subconscious mind where the habit is ingrained.

Once we reach the subconscious, we can simply give it new orders, such as “you’re an ex-smoker now, you reach for water instead of a cigarette, you’ve lost all desire to smoke,” and so on. Once the subconscious accepts these new suggestions, quitting smoking is easy and effortless. You are no longer fighting your own mind. You are using hypnosis to help you achieve your goals. You can, of course, use hypnosis in conjunction with the nicotine gum or patch if you prefer.

Hess Hypnotherapy Tampa

Session one-Intake and Educate:
In this session we will discuss your smoking history, your goals, and you will be educated about hypnosis and how it  works. Also additional non-smoking techniques will be discussed. This session includes a deep-relaxation session and you will leave your appointment feeling relaxed and confident. The session is recorded and a CD is provided to listen and practice the relaxation at home. As far as we know we are the only hypnotherapy clinic in the area that provides free custom recordings of all hypnosis sessions. These recordings make the hypnosis much more powerful and effective. This session lasts about 1 1/2 hours.

Session two-Quit Date:
Your second session is your quit date. You will leave the office as a successful confident non-smoker. This session is recorded as well and a reinforcement CD is provided to listen at home. As far as we know we are the only hypnotherapy clinic in the area that provides free custom recordings of all hypnosis sessions. These recordings make the hypnosis much more powerful and effective. This session lasts about 1 hour and is scheduled about 3-7 days after the first session.

Session three-Reinforcement:
During your third session we will discuss any difficulties you may still be having. Any additional concerns such as weight gain will also be discussed. This session can include more quit smoking reinforcement, a complete weight loss session or anything else you would like to work on. This session scheduled 2 days after your quit date. This session lasts about 1 hour.

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so contact us for group discount rates as well. 

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*"I tried chewing the gum and wearing the patch, and they helped to a point, but they couldn't eliminate my constant thoughts of smoking.  I participated in one hypnosis session with Jay and I have been cigarette free for 6 months!  I still think about cigarettes but in an abstract way - its almost like I never smoked.  I highly recommend hypnosis if you are serious about quitting."
Mary A.  Waukesha WI. 

*"June 27th, 2001 you hypnotized me for smoking and that was the last day I smoked. Thank you Jay very much. I was smoking 1 1/2 to 2 packs a day! If anyone asks for references tell them to call me! Your awesome!!!" 
Danny R.  Milwaukee, WI. 

*"I just wanted to let you know that I am on 2 months of no smoking!! Thank you so much you did it again!"
Susan M.  South Milwaukee, WI. 

*"In October of 2010 I decided to quit smoking. I knew that I could not do it alone as I have tried the gum, the patch, and cold turkey - which neither have worked for me. My sister and I went to see Jay after our parents had been successful with his hypnosis session and take home CD. All I can say is that I have been a smoker for 16 years and I now I can say I have begun the process to becoming a non-smoker and I owe it all to hypnosis. I still think about smoking, but as soon as the thought enters my mind - it leaves and I can go about my day smoke free."  
Erika L.  West Allis, WI. 

*"Hypnosis worked for me and I tried everything else. It took much of the discomfort out of quitting smoking. I am just happy to be free of cigarettes."
Tom T.  Milwaukee, WI. 

*"I tried to quit smoking 5 or 6 times with no success until I got hypnotized. I definitely recommend HESS HYPNOSIS SEMINARS to anyone that is serious about quitting smoking." 
Mike P. Waukesha, WI. 

*"After one session of hypnosis, when the thought of a cigarette flowed into my mind it flowed out just as quickly.  I even had a hard time saying the word cigarettes for a while after the session.  Thanks Jay!"  
John F. Hustisford, WI. 

Change Your Mind...Change Your Life!

Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking with hypnosis. 

No matter how long you've smoked, it's never too late too late to quit.

Make your appointment today and become a Non-Smoker.​

You can stop smoking quick and easy with hypnotherapy!

Hypnosis makes it easy to quit.
Hypnosis will help you quit smoking easier than with just your willpower. Hypnosis also helps by minimizing the urge for tobacco without the common side effects such as irritability. Suggestions are also included to help non-smokers avoid weight gain. Imagine how much cleaner and healthier you will feel. If you have tried to quit smoking and failed before, know that most smokers fail a few times before quitting successfully. Learn from past failures  and view them as part of the normal process towards becoming a non-smoker. 

Quitting smoking and weight gain.

Smoking acts as an mild appetite suppressant and also increases your metabolism slightly. When you quit smoking, your appetite and metabolism return to normal which may cause you to eat more and burn fewer calories. Your ability to smell and taste food improves after you quit smoking which also might cause you to eat more. To avoid weight gain when you quit smoking, you may want to consider the 3 session option described below to keep you right on track.  Above all, remember that the health benefits of being smoke-free far exceed the problems associated with even some moderate weight gain.