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 The safest, most effective and natural insomnia treatment is hypnosis. 

In other words, hypnosis can reprogram the mind, alter beliefs, expectations and subjective experiences.

Hypnotherapy for insomnia works on two levels, relaxation and suggestion.

Sometimes the process of relaxing the mind and body is enough to help a person enter into a natural sleep. One way of doing it, is listening to a self-hypnosis CD at night in bed. The idea is to fall asleep and not wake up at the end of the session.

. However, since natural sleep is the goal for an insomniac, falling asleep during a self-hypnosis CD is actually ideal.

Studies have been done which found that hypnosis is the most effective type of insomnia treatment. Without adequate, good quality sleep, physical and mental health will ultimately break down. Hypnosis offers a healing strategy without side effects.